We all love League of Legends, its a team MOBA that is Free to Play and has more than 12 MILLION active daily users. But out of the 143 champions there are bound to be some that most of the player base cant stand!


So here are our 5 champions that need to be DELETED from the game


Number 5

Fizz: The Tidal Trickster

What can be more tilting than his main ability Seastone Trident. This ability alone, is on par with Master Yi’s Alphastrike with the amount of keyboards smashed into walls and mouses broken by fists. Fizz is as slippery as a fish, (pun intended) with such mobility and damage there’s no surprise he’s the tidal trickster

With crazy burst damage and an invincibility on low cooldown lategame, Fizz takes our 5th spot for champions that should be deleted from the game.


Number 4

Jax: Grandmaster at Arms

Counter strike is the bane of any champion that auto attacks. Jax ignores all auto attacks, charging damage that then STUNS in an AOE. This ability is only made worse by Jax’s insane mobility, his Q ability, Leapstrike allows him to jump in and out of danger as he pleases.

With such mobility he’s a split pushing nightmare, and he takes towers like they are made out of cottage cheese, trinity force stacks coupled with guinsoo’s rageblade means he can push hard on a sidelane. Don’t send your ADC to deal with him though as he will just straight up murder them.

Jax takes our 4th spot due to his sustained damage and mobility.


Number 3

Morgana: The Fallen

DID SOMEONE SAY CC, with more CC, and finally CC? Morgana is the queen of funky hitboxes! Oh did i mention she has a shield that negates spell effects and magic damage? It feels like an eternity when you’re locked down by Morgana. She’s not necessarily the most broken champion in the game, but she takes the third spot due to her brain dead playstyle that over rewards hitting one skillshot. Good thing she’s squishy enough to get deleted in game most times. 


Number 2

Zoe: The Aspect Of Twighlight

In a reddit post If you can delete a champion, who will it be? The most picked champion was Zoe. It’s easy to see why! Her E ability, Sleepy Bubble Trouble is a sleep that lasts 2 seconds!!! Oh don’t worry, if you miss the skillshot it will expand into a zoning circle that still puts champions to sleep if they step on it. Oh and when you are put to sleep the next damage you take is DOUBLED, with some true damage in there too just for the hell of it.

Zoe’s kit is like RIOT decided what would make people rage quit more? But the fun doesn’t stop there, her W spell thief can pick up the remnants of enemy summoner spell and active item casts and cast them once herself. This leads to cluster bomb team fights where Zoe can flash from one side of the map to the other just using other peoples summoners. 

She is the queen of oneshots, being able to 0-100 champions even with magic resist items. HOWEVER, she is not first on my list because number one is truly the worst champion in the game that needs to be deleted for good. 


Number 1


Here is my number 1 hated champion. He is my perma ban in Ranked. He is who i would delete from RIOT servers if i ever went there.

Let me tell you why i hate Yasuo so much.

1) His crazy damage: I can’t tell you how many times a Yasuo with a dagger and brawlers glove has chunked me to death during laning phase. His kit scales too well with attack speed and crit items.

2) His CSing: Have you ever come across a Yasuo that can’t CS? I know i haven’t, unless their on my team. It’s almost impossible for this champion not to kill every minion with his Q and tornado Q.

3) Windwall: THE most stupid ability in the game, it blocks all projectiles. I don’t even know how to put into words how bad this ability is. Why didn’t they make it breakable after a certain ammount of damage is negated?

4) Mobility: I swear most Yasuo mains just like dashing through everything all the time, its like a game for them. Trying to pin down a Yasuo is like trying to catch lightning, its almost impossible, and when if you can, you’re going to die anyway.

5) Yasuo Mains: I hate them all, i don’t care what anyone says they are the most Brain Dead players in the whole game that abuse the most broken champion and somehow think they’re good when they do well.


What are your thoughts on the list?

Please leave comments telling us what champion you would delete from the game.

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